Children & Education

Providing safe and quality learning experiences inside and outside of schools.

From early in life, the value of education was instilled in Tony. As the grandson of West Chester, PA’s first black principal, he saw firsthand the value teachers and administrators provide to students and their impact on students.

Over the years, the education system has replaced quality with quantity, taking away the classroom from teachers and placing quotas to receive funding. Our teachers are the backbone of this County and deserve to be treated and paid according to their value. Tony believes in restoring teacher salaries and allowing teachers to be eligible for retirement after 20 years.

It is also time to give the classroom back to teachers and really listen to their needs. No matter where you are in the County, students should be able to access the best books, materials, and facilities. Although almost 93% of students graduate from high school or receive a GED, less than 40% attend college and attain a bachelor’s degree.
Our children are going to change the world. So when we consider making changes to better our schools, we have to involve parents and other stakeholders in creating a community that supports every child no matter where they live or where they attend school in the County.

Tony believes in the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Act and Built to Learn Act and will strive to leverage the Stadium Authority’s allocation of hundreds of millions of dollars to:

  • Create new and uplift existing high-quality career and technical education programs in high schools
  • Provide fundamental teachings such as personal finance and budgeting, and civics beginning in middle school
  • Connect with local businesses and business associations to connect students who are interested in non-profit work, community engagement, and entrepreneurship
  • Provide teachers a livable wage
  • Increase funding for schools to provide free after school and summer programs

Tony will work with educators, administrators, and the community at large to ensure that teachers and students have thriving learning experiences, inside and outside of the classroom.


  • Restore our salary; teachers have earned it. Eligible to retire 30years, paid only on step 29
  • Father was a teacher in the Baltimore City School
  • System
  • Bringing in the necessary resources required to make our school system the best and safest in Maryland
  • Invest in new schools,
  • Increase salaries to retain great teachers,
  • Create effective vocational programs
  • Invest in state-of-the-art technology to deliver a high-quality education to our children