Economic Development

Intentionally connecting business corridors along Reisterstown and Liberty Roads to support small businesses and the customers they serve.
The Greater Baltimore region is Maryland’s breadwinner. As the 20th largest metropolitan statistical area by population in the U.S., we comprise 50 percent of the State’s GDP. Within Baltimore County alone, we attract visitors with our emerald necklace of beautiful recreation and open space such as Cromwell Valley, Patapsco Valley, and Oregon Ridge that links our neighborhood and economic hubs. Naturally, our economic hubs and dispersed throughout the district, with Reisterstown and Liberty Roads as main corridors.

For District 2, our economic hubs

For Tony, such challenges are manageable. As a father, husband, business owner, and public service worker, he understands the importance of bringing every stakeholder to the forefront to develop a plan that will be implementable and not sit on the shelf collecting dust. Tony fully believes in the necessary intentionally to create an ecosystem that supports local business owners.
To bring this ecosystem to fruition, Tony will work with the community, businesses, associations, and Councilmembers to culvate:

  • Program opportunities to develop the talent and capacity of our local business owners
  • Use green infrastructure br Reduce

Economic development is more than just creating tax incentives that more attractive to developers. For district 2 to prosper,we have to develop the talent and capacity of our local business owners, and create a sustainable ecosystem where residents, local businesses, and national and international businesses can thrive. , while the needs of residents and local business owners are pushed assign. Economic development includes working with existing business owners to make sure they are not pushed out, making sure the County has repaired its walkways and street corridors to make these hubs of life accessible, and more. Tony believes that after working all week and commuting, individuals and families should be able to enjoy and entertain themselves within the communities they live in.

Tony has led in sectors across the economy – in the private sector and as a small business owner.

COVID has hit businesses hard, and Tony believes it is his job to leverage COVID funding to create grants for businesses in need and restore business corridors along Reisterstown and Liberty Road.

As a business owner and [insert current position], Tony is ready to focus on:

  • Working with business associations to attract new industry that is not already in the area


  • Need redevelopment plans that address economic growth
  • Creating walkable neighborhoods
  • Getting the community involved in the planning process for development from the start
  • Prioritizing infrastructure improvements
  • 200 miles of waterfront and 2,000 miles of streams and tributaries in Baltimore County
  • Transforming the former Pikesville Armory
  • Plans in place that use infrastructure dollars to fix roads and traffic patterns, and make each of these communities a self-service hub that brings in businesses and services comparable to the economic development that is taking place in Owings Mills and Hunt Valley