Maintaining homes for aging adults and creating new opportunities for young future homeowners.

No matter if you rent or own, home is a place where you feel safe and secure, a place where you experience emotional and mental warmth and feel surrounded by love and affection. A place where you can simply be you. However, for many of our residents, home has become a burden [hardship/worry]. Many residents want to age in place but have difficulties finding reliable and affordable contractors to retrofit their homes. While others need more space to accommodate their budding families but cannot find a new home within their budget.

Like many, Tony has called District 2 home for over 30 years. In the same house, he and his wife, Tritty, raised their four beautiful daughters; he now is known as “pop pop.” He and his wife want to continue aging in their home.

With almost half the community’s population over the age of 40 (49%), we must leverage existing housing and finance opportunities and make those monies readily available for residents to

  • Preserve neighborhood character and combat housing vacancies
  • Allow homeowners to make the necessary updates to age in place
  • Support young entrepreneurs by giving stipends for maintaining landscapes of homes of our aging population
  • Create homeownership opportunities for young families

As the future council representative for District 2; Tony will work to ensure that everyone has the right and the ability to receive fair and equal access to housing that is decent, safe, sanitary and within their budget.