Public Safety

Restoring trust and building coalition between law enforcement and the community.

No one should have their life ended too short because of an altercation gone wrong with law enforcement. These unprecedented times have shaken the district. We are all weary.

Public safety is one of Tony’s top priority, just like it’s yours.

No matter where you live or what you look like, he believes you should feel safe and be protected from crimes, disasters, and other potential dangers and threats. It goes beyond having diversity and implicit bias training for law enforcement. To make a real difference, we have to restore the trust and understanding between law enforcement and the community.

By coming together and getting to know one another, we can understand the diverse experiences that make us unique and make us the wonderful community we are. Tony will work to rebuild and strengthen relationships between the community and law enforcement agencies by:

  • Working to recruit officers that reflect the diversity of the community they serve through the Baltimore County Policing Partnership Program
  • Increasing black faces in police leadership [massage language]
  • Partnering with bordering communities within Baltimore City to create responsive plans for public safety
  • Actively working with the Cockeysville, Franklin, Pikesville, Woodlawn, Police District Community Relations Councils
  • Investing in our community associations in support of their hard work and dedication to the community engagement
  • Leveraging stakeholder engagement and communication to increase accountability and transparency for everyone involved
  • Using ArcGIS and other innovative systems to identify
  • Working with local community organizations like NAACP, JCC, and more to support and direct more funding to afterschool programs


  • Tony supports a police accountability board that is independent of the police department
  • Ensure that our police have an effective community outreach program
  • Public safety is paramount in our county.
  • We must continue to use advanced technology to detect threats and other systems that benefit law enforcement and emergency response personnel.
  • Our communities must support local law enforcement and work collectively on public health and community organizing strategies that reduce crime and violence.
  • We must invest in the communities most affected by crime and work with community leaders to develop solutions.
  • We must also improve our police department by creating a community relations division that reports to the chief to ensure that community issues are being addressed.
  • I am also a strong advocate of organizing community associations that meet at the grassroots level to conduct neighborhood development, organize social activities, and create neighborhood watch programs>